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To Live A Realistic Happy Life - the first step to take is...

The First Step to Modify and Change Life for Betterment is Graciously, Responsibly, and Courageously to Realize, Understand, and Accept the Available Truth and Facts of life

by James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D. , board-certified urologist, award-winning author, public speake, copywriter

Following the intention as stated in the title, my almost 70-year personal and 45-year professional life experience has spoken to and inspired me to collect, analyze, and compile what I have seen and discerned the world as a list of my vision on what life is like to share with all people in the world before my permanent life departure.

The following is what I have thus far come up with for you:

Part I: Basic Facts of Life

1. A life is created to look nicer, feel better, and live longer; it is a serious tough business.

2. Life is a process of constant struggle to copy with reality, certainty, and uncertainty of daily living.

3. life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, and continuation from inception to eternity.

4. And you are the accumulation of your own past including how the way you were born, raised, educated,
    have lived and experienced over lifetime. So, what and who you are not only represents what and who you
    have been but also makes what you will be.

5. For life management, please act to do something sensible and meaningful for the present and future now;
    do not waste your time and energy to dwell on the past; it is never too late to do something effectively
    leading to self-preservation; the key to longevity.

6. Nothing lasts forever except time, space, and potentially, religious eternal life.

7. There is no magic in life and medicine. If any, that is, how we can work together and apply currently
    available knowledge, skills, technology, medication, commonsense, and wisdom at a reasonable time, in
    a reasonable way; then we hope the possible best and have to move along.

8. Medical professionals have never really cured anyone yet, but all what they can do is to apply medication,
    surgery, and lifestyle modification from inside out and outside in to provide our body with the best
    possible inside and outside environments to undergo its best possible self-healing process for optimal
    functional recovery of the impaired organs, but probably never back to their original state.

9. Anything happens to you along the path of life will stay with you forever. And self-preservation is the
    key to longevity. Everything happens to you spiritually and physically will surely leave its mark on the
    path of your life; it will sooner or later reflect somewhere sometime down the path of your life. Therefore,
    always be aware of what everything you do now.

10. We tend to hear only what you like, love, and want, not what you need selectively.

11. A disease is always a process of FULL SPECTRUM, ranging from its early subdue elusive stage to its
      late easily recognizable full-blown picture.

12. A disease is the ending result of lifelong interaction between your internal (genetic, hereditary) factors
      and external (environmental, acquired) factors.

13. A disease is the SAYING from your body, "Enough. That is enough." to you. Please always graciously
      realize, accept, and respect the fact and truth of life and take personal responsibility; there is no one else
      to blame but yourself.

14. The causes of a disease always consist of two aspects (layers):
      a. Underlying causes: the accumulation of ill effects from inevitable aging process and controllable
      b. Precipitating causes: accidents, surgery, medication, pain, positioning, anxiety, etc.

15. For general health maintenance, we should adopt the spirit and practice of car ownership with timely
      love-tender service and care for ourselves every single day and every single moment. We are the owner
      of our own body; we need to be constantly gracious, respectful, and loyal in providing direct spiritual
      and physical self-service - healthy lifestyle to our body but, remember, not at expense of someone's
      pain, suffering, and loss.

16. Our body has a tremendous self-healing power; it is processing this job all the time. To keep up this
      wonderful function at its best, we need to always maintain an optimal state of mental and physical
      health through the effort of self-care to self-preservation - healthy lifestyle or the key to longevity.

17. The best possible medical care results from the joint effort of you with self-care leading to
      self-preservation and medical professionals with complementary timely attention.

18. Behind what we know always still hides a lot of what we don't know; be humble and not over-exult.

Part II - Basic Facts of Life 

 - What are Some Common Features or Facts of Life?

Despite the difference in time and location, everything we do in life always represents as a part of life
and daily living at the different levels of personal and social scenery.

To realize this fact, we need to recognize the real face of what life is as close as possible.The followings
are some features, facts, and truth of life that I have collected and compiled through personal and
professional interaction, observation, and identification. I feel we need to prospectively keep them in
mind and tightly guard them against losing sight of What is Life?

They are:

1. Life is a short one-way street. We are only allowed to make a decision and take an action at a moment
    and at a place. As soon as we make a decision and take an action, we have to graciously and responsibly
    embrace its consequence and move on.

2. Nothing lasts forever but time, space, and potentially, religious eternal life.

3. While we have a right to come on the stage of life to display our value of existence, we also have an
    obligation to leave there timely and graciously in order to keep the balance and procession of endless
    recycling of life in check.

4. Life is merely a constantly adjusting, changing, dynamic process of self-service - healthy lifestyle.
    Therefore, a mechanism to reflect and carry out the need for self-service - healthy lifestyle - should be
    always available; otherwise, unrest will resurface and chaos will ensue.

5. The path of life has never changed over time and place. Regardless of race, gender, religion, occupation,
    or education, it has been the same to fulfill the need for survival, growth, procreation, and continuation,
    directly or indirectly, through a process of observing, collecting, analyzing, dissecting, and summarizing
    the activities in dealing with searching, improving, and perfecting the matters on how to fulfill the need
    for food and sex life to assure survival, growth, and continuation.

6. We are not born equal but have an equal opportunity to use our inborn inner invisible natural resource
    that comes with life.

7. The fundamental reason for getting or living together, in essence, is to advance and achieve a higher
    level of self-service, which we cannot have or accomplish it if we live alone. This is applicable to any
    forms of getting together  under the names of various relationships such as marriage, family, church,
    organization, nation, and the world.

8. Any biological entity has to be always self-centered and constantly self-serving in order to secure its
    own survival, growth, procreation, and continuation; so do human beings.

9. No place, person, or circumstance could be perfect. In life, perfection would and will never be, but
    perfecting should be; in fact, we only can work from imperfection toward perfection.

10. As the former US President J. F. Kennedy, conscientiously, courageously, and openly admitted:
      Democracy is not perfect, there has been no other better system ever invented yet. In fact, democracy
      is merely the highest ever sophisticated system for distribution and redistribution of social and political
      power and resources hoping to assure a harmony in fulfilling the matters for foods and sex life for all
      if any possible. After all, it is still largely under the mercy of smart elite minority of power and in power.

11. An offering of pure kindness and generosity has never really happened and existed; it is merely the
      byproducts after personal spiritual and physical abundance as well as comfort. Abundance alone is not
      sufficient for one to offer some share of kindness and generosity and an overall comfort has to be
      simultaneously in place.

12. The process of life and living requires delivering a continuous flow of spiritual and physical activities;
      it is driven by the sense of need, that is, what can be good or bad for me?

13. It is absolutely nothing wrong to be self-serving as long as what we get is not accomplished at expense
      of others' spiritual and physical pain, suffering, and loss. Generally speaking, we should never manipulate
      others' greed, ignorance, anxiety, and fear with various forms of tactics of power and with various kinds
      of disguise of deception under hidden agenda to get what we like, love, want, and need. This pattern of
      behaving should be honored and adopted as the universal code of living, and applied it to all the events
      on all stages of life in the world if we genuinely wish to create an enduring peace.

14. While every human being has the right to be self-serving by asserting his/her rights, every human being
      should also carry out his/her share of obligations to help each other fulfill the need for self-serving.

15. Free meal or service has never existed. Someone has to pay a price somewhere in some way to generate
      and make a meal or service available. In fact, the advertisement with something free is merely an open
      outright ploy of deception; it imposes a strong negative impact on the effect of education.

16. Understand the inevitable relationship between an individual and the world: The strengths and characters 
      of a group of any size such as families, churches, institutions, companies, organizations, governments, 
      and even the world represent the accumulation of the strengths and characters of all its participating 
      members. That is why the process of peacemaking should start out from the within of an individual.

17. To optimize the strength of foundation and power for peacemaking, we should properly explore and fully
      utilize the inborn inner invisible natural resource of all individuals. Said the least, this is equally as
      important as the commonly discussed natural resource. Unfortunately, most of people have either
      underused, or misused, or abused, and even destroyed their inborn inner invisible natural resource
      intentionally or unintentionally through the process of overindulgence and obsession under the cover
      of privacy.

18. The need and activities for fulfilling the matters of foods and sex life display the beauty and ugliness of
      personal and social life.

The above list for what is life? is obvious to all in daily life and living. We may extend the length of such
a list endlessly.

More about various aspects and views of life will follow.

Under the guidance of my belief:
      The strength and characters of a group, which may be as small as a couple or as big as the whole 
      world with most in between, represent the ultimate accumulation of the strength and characters 
      of its participating members (as 16.); so if we wish and expect a group to be good and dynamic,
      we have to start out with one person, you, to be good and dynamic.

If you like what you read, please make comments and share it with anyone you may know so that, together,
we can make our world be a better place for all to live.

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