Sunday, June 16, 2013

Return to Happiness – fast, sure, and real

Return to Happiness – fast, sure, and real 

by James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D. , a board-certified urologist, award-winning author, public speaker

Why are we not happy? And how can we return to the land of happiness? These two questions have bothered most of us. To find their answers, day in, day out, we wade and sift through both the information flooding in the Internet and any subject-related articles that we can get hands on; but we are still dismayed with what we found because real happiness has never arrived and stayed as wished.

Then, where and how can we find the answers to these questions? In reality, the answers to them has lay around us every day within the reach of common sense, however most of us just simply ignore their calling on how to regain and return to the land of happiness. 

Where and what are they? Just look at the scene of babies' crying and imagine why babies cry. The answer to these questions by common sense always quickly emerges and utter to us that the babies cry because they cannot get what they want, like, love, and need. For adults, what could happen if we cannot get what we want, like, love, and need? We, adults, disappoint just like babies but in a different way, that is, we don't cry lightly in the public, but instead inside the darkness of privacy and behind closet.

Let's ask ourselves why we cannot get what we want, like, love, and need. At this moment, just exploring imagination and opening up mind to search for their answers, common sense again will knock door to tell us if we expect to have good result from what we do to meet what we want, like, love, and need, we have to conquer two challenges throughout the course of any action we take. 

What are these two challenges? They are our ability to make good and right decision and to take good and right action. Only we can make good and right decision and take good and right action, and we can expect to have good and right outcome from what we do to momentarily satisfy our wishes so we may feel comfortable and in control. Then and inevitably, real happiness will emerge and arrive at our hearts and stay with us forever. It is that simple.

So, how can we make good and right decision and follow with taking good and right action? Again, the essence of another hint of common sense comes to inspires us that we ought to have sufficient energy and ability to conquer the two challenges for making good and right decision and taking good and right action. 

Where do the needed energy and ability come from? Does medication, surgery, sweet talk, and sympathy enable us to acquire energy and ability so to conquer these two inherent challenges of action? No, absolutely not. Or from something else?

My almost 70-year personal and 45-year professional life experience has spoken to and inspire me to realize, crystallize, and compile the following five points to form the surest regimen for a long happy life to reinforce and modify lifestyle, from which we will surely gain energy to accumulate our needed ability. They are:
  1. eat, enjoy, and control foods, and don not let foods control us,
  2. have quality mental and physical exercise every day, but without overindulgence and obsession,
  3. sleep well and sound for 6-8 hours every single day,
  4. meditate to reinforce spiritual and physical connection, and pray if religious, and
  5. follow reasonable realistic medical advice as needed.
This is the answers to how to return to happiness - fast, sure, and real. 

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