Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Surest Regimen to Live a Long Happy Life

Hi! All my Dear Fellow Human Beings,

I would like to welcome and congratulate you for clicking on this video. Why? It is because your clicking on this video tells me that you have searched the Internet and looked for the answer on how to live a long happy life for quite a while. Now you have come to the right spot at the right moment, and, right on the spot, I will bring you the right answer.

My almost 72-year personal and 46-year professional life experience has inspired me to crystallize  the following refined ideas on how to live a long happy life for you.

At present, I am 72 and my life still goes strong and active not only as an almost 45-year active vibrant husband for a beautiful woman, a ready-supporting father of two successful grown children, and a playful grandfather of four lovely grandchildren but also as a full-time busy urological surgeon at a federal institution.

I love my life every single minute because I possess enough readily available energy and ability to deliver the actions of care, love, and service to my wife, my children, my grandchildren, my patients, and many others like you.

You may wonder how I can live a life like that. It’s because I have practiced these ideas every single day and proved practicing these ideas has kept me going and rolling strong and active every single minute. Although these ideas have been known to all of us and become our commonsense for ages, unfortunately, most of us just flatly ignore them.

Now, I combined all these ideas on how to live a long happy life together to produce the Magic Pill for a Long Happy Life for you, which consists of the following five ingredients:

     1. Eat, enjoy, and control foods, and don't let foods control us; 
     2. have quality mental and physical exercise every day, but avoid any overindulgence and obsession;
     3. sleep well and sound for 6-8 hours every single day;
     4. meditate to reinforce spiritual and physical connection, and pray if religious; and  
     5. follow currently available reasonable realistic medical advice as needed.

Taking this Magic Pill regularly every day, I guarantee all willing persons, slowly and surely, will have their best possible hope to look nicer, feel better, and live longer, that is, to live a long happy life.

How can I be so sure? Simple and clear. Because practicing these five points regularly to implement a healthy lifestyle will make all willing persons to gain better mental and physical health and composure. Thereby, they will become more sensitive, specific, and effective to interact with their own inside and outside environments. In other words, they become more functional and capable to learn and retain more of what they learn; so can we.

As a result, we can make better and right decisions and take better and right actions to manage our daily living; inevitably, we can not only expect producing better and right outcomes from what we do but also capture and secure a better sense of comfort and control of life; naturally, real and real happiness will arrive at our hearts and stay with us forever. 
At the end, we are more productive, more independent, and less burdensome than ever.

Wouldn't we like to enjoy this scenario of living? I am sure you do, I do, and we all do. Why? Fulfilling this scenario of living wouldn't cost us an extra penny because we already possess all what we need inside to transform ourselves to make our common dream to live a long happy life come true.

If you think that taking the above magic pill to modify lifestyle as described is too difficult to follow, please just think and think again to realize the following five facts - ingredients- of life, together, I call it as the Magic Pill to Push Up for a long happy life as follows: 
     1. Nothing is free and everything comes with a price; 
     2. only time and life are truly priceless and irreplaceable, and only the passage of both is truly forever,
         not diamonds as commercially promoted;
     3. medication, surgery, sweet talk, and sympathy in the long run would not help us much; but, both
         empathy to realize, understand, and accept the truth and facts of life and action from us
         together will make a real difference to our life; 
     4. no one else can do this for us, not medication and surgery alone, but our own selves; and
     5. remember: No other regimens can make us to a long happy life than what I just described and 
         shared with you.

Now, if you like my message on how to live a long happy life and wish to know more about it, you can get a copy of my award-winning book: “What is Life? To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life.” as a daily living companion from

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Of course, I welcome your comment and input on how we can together make our world a better place for all to live.

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Thank you for your viewing and listening, and I wish you be better from now on. 
And I will talk with you soon. Goodbye. Have a good day.

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