Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Synopsis of Life and Peace

Synopsis of Life and Peace
James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D., certified urologist, award-winning author, public speaker, copywriter

The universal goal of life is to look nicer, feel better, and live longer. Medical care is merely to help people accomplish this goal to its best possible fullest.

The very motive to live is to survive, to grow, and to last; this truth applies to the fate of all entities, maybe individuals or any size of groups.

Technically, life and daily living is a process of constant struggle to manage a long list of relationships ranging from the one with our own life to those with immediate, intermediate, and distant family members, relative, friends, coworkers, organizations, institutions, societies, our own nation, and the world.

The success or failure in managing them decides if we will be happy or not, but relies on if we have enough energy and ability to make good and right decisions and to take good and right actions so to generate good and right results from what we do.

To keep up a relationship, we have to balance and reciprocate asserting our rights and fulfilling our obligations so peace can emerge, maintain, sustain, and last. If not, a relation will doom to crush, imperil, and end; peace will never last.

How can we look nicer, feel better, and live longer and possess enough energy and ability? The answer and solution to this quest is to keep up quality nutrition and circulation

Then how can we make this dream goal come true?

The surest regimen to conquer this quest is take the Magic Pill for a Long Happy Life with the following five ingredients:
  1. Eat, enjoy, and control foods, and don't let foods control us;
  2. keep up quality mental and physical exercise every day, but avoid overindulgence and obsession;
  3. sleep sound and well for 6-8 hours every single day, preferably at night;
  4. meditate to reinforce spiritual and physical connection, and pray if religious; and
  5. follow currently available reasonable, realistic, medical advice as needed.
That is the solution; guarantee.

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